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Types of Offences under Consumers Affairs Authority Act

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- Removing, altering, obliterating, erasing or defacing of a label or description or price mark of any goods and producing such a good for sale.
- Violation of directions issued to manufacturers or traders in respect of labeling, price marking, packetting relative to manufacturing, importing, marketing, stoking, sale or manufacture of selling and stocking of goods or on any other conditions.
- Sale or offer to sell any goods above the marked price.
- Failure to comply with the standards and specifications relating to goods and services determined by the CAA.
- Manufacture or sale of any goods which does not conform to the warranty or guarantee given by the manufacturer or trader.
- Contravenes any provision of any written agreement enter in to with the Authority with any manufacturers or traders of goods provide for maximum price, the standard of any goods manufactured or any condition required on the manufacture.
- Refusing to sell goods in possession.
- Denial of goods in possession and imposing conditions on the consumer upon purchase.
- Keeping the goods in custody excess of normal trading requirements.
- Increase the price of any specified good or service without the prior written approval of the Authority.
- Fails or refuse to display the price list or price board in the place of business.
- Not issue or refuse to issue a bill or receipt when demand by the purchaser.
- Engaged in a conduct that is misleading or deceptive the consumer by trader or business.
- False representation that any goods or services are of a particular standard, quality or grade, or that goods are of a particular style or model, or that goods and services have sponsorship, approval, performance characteristics, accessories ,users or benefits that they do not have.
- Violation of conditions pledged in the warranty or guarantee by implication or otherwise on the supply of goods and services.
- Prevailing anti-competitive behaviors or monopoly situations.
- Failure to maintain records as required by the Authority or to furnish any information or to produce any documents to the Authority to discharge its duty.

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