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Consumer Affairs Authority Act in Sri Lanka

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1Consumer Affairs Authority Act in Sri Lanka Empty Consumer Affairs Authority Act in Sri Lanka on Fri Oct 20, 2017 12:22 pm

My Lawyer

The Consumer Affairs Authority Act was passed in the Parliament on 9th January 2003. It came into force with the establishment of the Consumer Affairs Authority. The Consumer Affairs Authority comes under the purview of the Ministry of Cooperatives and Internal Trade. The new act repealed the following acts.
Consumer Protection Act No.01 of 1979
Fair Trading Commission Act No.01 of 1987
Control of Prices Act (Cap 173)
The CAA Act consists with following parts:
Part I – Establishment of the Consumer Affairs Authority
Part II – Regulation of Trade
Part III – Promotion of Competition and Consumer Interest
Part IV – Consumer Affairs Council
Part V – Fund of the Authority
Part VI – Staff of the Authority
Part VII – General
Most of the provisions of the repealed acts, with some innovations, have been incorporated in to the Consumer Affairs Authority Act. It has been designed to protect the interest of the consumers. The Consumer Affairs Authority was established with focusing attention on the consumers in the present day context of the new economic order and trade procedures. It safeguards the rights of not only the consumers but also the traders who are subjected to injustice. Both the goods and services are covered within the ambit of the Act.

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