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Alteration of Information in a Birth Register

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1Alteration of Information in a Birth Register Empty Alteration of Information in a Birth Register on Tue Oct 24, 2017 6:57 am

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1. In a Birth certificate,
- Information in cage 01 (Date & place of birth)
- Information in cage 03 (Sex)
- Information in cage 05 (Information of mother - if mother's name has been changed after the registration of the birth, it is not possible under this provision)
- Information in cage 09 (Informant's information) may be altered

2. Produce the declaration to the Additional District Registrar of the Divisional Secretariat of the area where birth occurred.
- The declaration should be produced by
- Owner of the birth certificate
- Father or Mother
- Legal guardian

3. A person who is dissatisfied with any of the information appearing in the birth register
4. Fee chargeable is Rs. 50.00

5. A certified copy of the birth register to be amended should be essentially attached to the declaration.

6. Following are some written evidences which may be produced to substantiate the request made in the declaration,

- Parents' marriage certificate
- List of children/ brothers and sisters
- Birth certificate of father/ mother
- Birth certificate of a child born after the registration of parents' marriage

In case there is no child born after the registration of the marriage of parents, birth certificate of a elder or younger child of the subject
- Certified copies of records available in hospitals,
- maternity homes or midwife's records
- Student's record sheet, extract of the school
- admission register
- Copy of the electoral register where names of the subject and parents are included
- If father is deceased, his death certificate

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