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Law on Grave Sexual Abuse

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1Law on Grave Sexual Abuse Empty Law on Grave Sexual Abuse on Fri Oct 20, 2017 8:54 pm

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Grave sexual abuse is a criminal offence under Section 365B of the Penal Code (Amendment) Act, No 22 of 1995 and includes all sexual acts without consent that do not come within the definition of rape.

This includes instances where a sexual act is not only through the use of genitals or parts of the human body but also through any instrument and also on any orifice or part of the body of another person.

Grave sexual abuse may include, non consensual,

- Oral sex
- Manual stimulation
- Sado masochistic sexual conduct using instruments

If the victim- survivor is under the age of 16 years it is assumed that the sexual act is done without the consent of the victim-survivor.

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