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Reporting Rape to Police

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1Reporting Rape to Police Empty Reporting Rape to Police on Fri Oct 20, 2017 8:44 pm

My Lawyer

It is very important to confide as soon as possible in a close friend or family member who can support you. Women who have been raped should always report the incident, and receive health and psychological support.

Obtain a medical examination as soon as possible from an authorized medical officer. The medical officer has a duty to collect hair, body fluids, fibers and other evidence, if any. Medical officers have a duty to report any incident of suspected rape to the Judicial Medical Officer (JMO) and Police.

Make a complaint to the nearest police station.

Inquire whether the police station has a Women and Children’s Desk (Service Providers) or ask for a woman police officer if you prefer speaking to a woman instead of a male constable. Make sure all details of the incident are covered.

Ensure that you read the statement before signing it.

In addition to taking a statement, police will collect physical evidence and take statements from witnesses if there are any.

The police interview may take several hours, depending on the circumstances of your case. Some questions may be intrusive, and the officer may go over the details of your attack several times. The extensive questioning is often justified by the need to get every detail down precisely, to make the strongest possible case against the perpetrator.

It helps to write down every detail you can remember, as soon as possible, so you can communicate the details to the police.

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