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Gender Sensitivity in Sri Lanka

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1Gender Sensitivity in Sri Lanka Empty Gender Sensitivity in Sri Lanka on Fri Oct 20, 2017 8:27 pm

My Lawyer

There can be seen a lack of gender sensitivity in all phases of the criminal justice system including law enforcement, prosecution, adjudication, correction and rehabilitation. This lack of gender sensitivity can be seen through the different actors of the criminal justice system including Police constables, lawyers, judges, prison officials, judicial medical officers and others.

There's a lack of Police - women and children's desks in the country although the Women and Children's Bureau has taken some steps to increase the number of such desks in each District of the country.

Overcrowding and poor conditions in prisons, lack of appropriate and sufficient shelters for female victims of crime all amount to discrimination against women including transwomen.

Assistance to and Protection of Victims of Crime and Witnesses Act, No.4 of 2015 fails to recognize gender dimensions and does not make any specific reference to female victims of crime or afford any special protection to women on the ground of their vulnerabilities.

Human rights are those rights and freedoms that one becomes entitled to by the very reason of being born a human and there can be no impediments whatsoever on the full realization of human rights by reason of one's sex or gender.

It shall be the responsibility of everyone in society and the State to ensure the promotion and protection of rights of women who are also humans.

Law should undergo constant change in order to cater for the changing needs of the contemporary society and should endeavour to raise the communities towards greater civilization giving recognition to women's rights and fundamental freedoms whilst treating women with equality and dignity in the name of humanity.

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